Springfield, Ohio's Vaughn Anthony with Torrey Smith

The Be About It Movement is a non-profit organization. Our vision is to build strategic alliances with civic, academic, private, non-profit organizations and households to facilitate the resurrection of Springfield, Ohio’s youth. This community has issues that are crippling our young people far too early in life. Their hope for tomorrow is dying daily. Why target Springfield, Ohio’s youth?  First Springfield, Ohio in a recent Gallup Poll was named “the Saddest City in America” and secondly, it is the hometown of Vaughn Anthony Stephens.

In October 2012, Vaughn Anthony in concert with his brother, 9-time Grammy Winner John Legend, made a declaration…let’s do something about this, and so the Be About It Movement was birthed. Vaughn Anthony launched in a big way to the Springfield community the Be About It Movement in December, 2012 by hosting the first and very successful Be About It Event – Reviving the City Variety Show. The Event was held at Springfield High School and all in attendance witnessed the community’s very special talent. The Event concluded with a mini John Legend concert. Vaughn and John were convinced they could not let this talent die.

In June, 2013 the second Be About It Event – Fatherhood Festival was held at the Springfield High School. This time it featured Torrey Smith, Wide Receiver for the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens in conjunction with the Clark County Fatherhood Commission to celebrate fathers and motivate them to step up and be involved in their kids’ lives. Torrey’s own foundation provides support for at-risk youth with a focus on those affected by domestic violence. This event was a great success.

In November, 2013 Vaughn Anthony reached out to Springfield’s Clark State Community College. His request; lets us host the third Be About It Event – Second Annual Reviving the City Variety Show at the very nice, state-of-the-art Kuss Auditorium on Clark State’s campus. He met with Jo Blondin, President of the Community College and her response was an ecstatic…yes!! So on March 1, 2014 Springfield will be invited to come to this tremendous facility and watch their gifted and talented youth perform. This Event like the very first Event will feature the return of John Legend, who this time plans to bring his entire band.

The third Be About It Event is seeking to partner with foundations, corporations, 11 area colleges and universities and non-profit organizations to raise $50,000 – $100,000. The Be About It goal is to create alliances for the achievement of the cultivating a city of future young impact players! A local philanthropist has committed $250,000 to purchase and renovate a facility to house the Be About It Movement. Here youth will be exposed and encouraged to embrace the Seven Mounds of Influence; business, family, media, education, government, spirituality and entertainment. The Springfield Chamber of Commerce has pledged funding, services support, networking and public relations efforts.

Is Be About It working? Each Event is getting bigger and bigger. Each Event has spawned more and more awareness. Each Event is engaging greater and greater involvement from the Community’s leaders through financial, in-kind service donations and attendance. Success is a process.

Be About Movement has an end-vision; tentacle all Springfield’s different social agencies to the recently acquired site so we can become a beacon brightly shining throughout the community calling all families to come and Be About It. Vaughn Anthony’s commitment to build a better world starts with Springfield, OH, but he sees one day Be About It in Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, Indianapolis, Detroit…!

Vaughn Anthony has shared the aforementioned Be About It vision with you in hopes you’ll desire to join him and his team. Together we’ll become a community, state, nation and world changer.